Who I am?

I am a 19 years old content writer that runs her own magazine dedicated to teenagers, starting from Romania and spreading to the whole wide world.

At the moment I’m exploring the voice-over field, copywriting, social media tools and I’m really passionate about teaching as well. The best part of being me is that I’m always up for a challenge, ready to conquer the world.

My core is defined by WRITING and my goals are best described by my All-Or-Nothing attitude.

My future plans include managing social media accounts, publishing my debut novel, becoming a master in content writing and graduate a Journalism Degree. Not to mention being the greatest CEO of all times for my beloved teens’ magazine known as Keep Focus.

As for my literature background, I used to be a dramatic poet, specialised in theatre, public speaking, playing every line like a true, unmatched slam performer.

Do you want to meet me?