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We’re now focusing on the new eating discovery. Thanks to my friend, which takes part in many Eco projects at her school, I got a hold of an interesting and surprisingly thick book of explanations on how to consume fruits, seeds and vegetables that wouldn’t be touched by flames. “Sounds simple!” is what I said to myself:)

I thought that buying a basket of fruits and one of vegetables was all easy-peasy and I wouldn’t have any other problem with the diet I’ve chosen.
Ehh, how come! I’ve started reading “12 Steps to Raw Food”, by Victoria Boutenko, and page by page my stance on what is healthy and what is unhealthy has changed…

Victoria’s life story starts quite cruelly: She, her husband and their two children were very sick. Victoria suffered from cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats), had 127 kg, swollen feet and her weight was always increasing.

Igor, her husband, suffered from hyperthyroidism and chronic rheumatoid arthritis and had 140 beats per minute…
Valya, their daughter, was born with asthma and allergies like mine, living a sedentary life for a growing child.

And Sergei, their son, aged 9, had diabetes. On September 1993, Victoria and Igor were informed their son needed insulin treatment. Both were shocked.
The next day morning, Victoria, like any other mother who’d move the mountains for her children, went to the library and carried back volumes upon volumes of Medicine to find an alternative solution, but she found nothing.

She even started to ask people on the streets, looking for people appearing healthy. She didn’t know exactly what she was searching for, but she kept on doing it until the Universe placed her face to face with Elizabeth, a woman who eats uncooked food.

“Do you really think humans can survive with only fruits, vegetables, nuts and raw seeds?!”

Elizabeth answered that with three undeniable arguments: “(1) the animals don’t cook; (2) I eat for 20 years uncooked food and I’m done with the cancer colon; (3) people didn’t step on this world with a stove attached to their umbilical cord.” The story goes on: for better or worse and countless tries to reach for a way to live a life everyone can enjoy.

Thus, my brother and I have decided to walk on this journey of raw food. The first tries at making smoothies are now funny moments that I’ll remember with a smile on my face.

P.S. I recommend “12 Steps to Raw Foods” to everyone who is going to choose this way of life.