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Who’s missing?

Ten people are invited to a villa on the Black Island for various reasons, and they get stuck there, knowing that there was a killer among them. It is revealed at the end of the book with all the necessary explanations. The action of the book is based on the following children’s song:

“Ten little Injuns standin’ in a line,

One toddled home and then there were nine;

Nine little Injuns swingin’ on a gate,

One tumbled off and then there were eight.

Eight little Injuns gayest under heav’n.

One went to sleep and then there were seven;

Seven little Injuns cuttin’ up their tricks,

One broke his neck and then there were six.

Six little Injuns all alive,

One kicked the bucket and then there were five;

Five little Injuns on a cellar door,

One tumbled in and then there were four.

Four little Injuns up on a spree,

One got fuddled and then there were three;

Three little Injuns out on a canoe,

One tumbled overboard and then there were two

Two little Injuns foolin’ with a gun,

One shot t’other and then there was one;

One little Injun livin’ all alone,

He got married and then there were none.

-Frank Green, 1869″

SUGGESTION: open your eyes wide on who dictates the events. That’s how I realized who the killer was from the very beginning.

PS. Have you ever found in the library that you are going to, an absolutely weird shelf, where books are so random that you are thrilling? There I found a book about the true Santa Claus, the history of ladies and the secrets of women in the past 3 decades, including a magic book, a book about occult objects, and even worse, a book with dissected puppets that I believe is horror even more than movies I’ve seen in childhood. Maybe I’ve been exploring a little much for a single day…