Raise your daughter as the best father !

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Girls forgive everything, only when they can not resist anymore they say out loud all the words that were swallowed empty, ignored and tolerated until then. They are raised to be martyrs.

Why can’t girls say ‘no’? Why don’t they have strength? Why would you give up on your principles, your desires and your pretensions? You forgive but do not forget, but why, why can’t you be powerful when it’s all about your LIFE, and your HAPPINESS?

WHAT YOU AREN’T TOLD and what every girl in the world needs to know.

A father should tell his girl ‘I’m here because I care for you. I CARE.’ So many young women are so desperate for information in this realm of life that they are grasping at lies that they are being told through social-media, magazines and television. Did you ever think, dear father, wherever you are, at your fatherless girl? Without a dad at home, so many girls don’t have a man in their life who are telling them them that they’re beautiful, telling them that they deserve to be treated like princesses rather than prostitutes.

Firstly,  girls all over the world are raised to be GIRLS. Good-hearted, innocent, naive, dreamy, weak and also dependent on somebody else’s protection. I was raised in such pattern but not even I was aware of it, neither my mom was. Last night reading about this … I changed my ideas about how to raise my daughter. Any man would like a strong daughter, the kind of girl that can be whatever she wants. The kind of girl that doesn’t expect for somebody else to get her life together or to protect her so that she feels safe or even to bring her happiness. We’re talking about powerful young women here.

You, dads all over the world, don’t you wish for a world where being beautiful doesn’t have anything to do with what you see in the mirror or the size of your waist BUT the quality of your character and your personality and your intellect and your sense of humor and your creativity and most important than all, your HEART. Won’t you be haunted by these words that will come out of your daughter’s mouth? Just listen to this in your head, imagine your daughter saying ‘I wish, that someone would have told me sooner, told me that I’m valuable, and beautiful and that I am worth waiting for’. Without you, dear father, your girl lives a lie. She’s living a lie. Wanna see why? Picture this and tell me how you feel:

A girl, maybe that girl across the street or maybe your little sunrise with beautiful blue eyes, imagine her life at 16. She’s dressing how she thinks she needs to dress, she’s acting like she thinks she needs to act, she’s talking out she thinks she needs to talk, she’s flirting like she thinks she needs to flirt to fit in. She’s unwilling to show the world WHO she really is because she’s so scared of being rejected, or being unloved.

Noah Couser, a professional photographer and health teacher is the one who created this speech. He is the first man that told girls they are valuable. Every single time I remember I deserve better, I think about Noah’s words and I think about how much a miss my dad.


– renouncing to contradict

– giving up intellectual life

– giving up self-affirmation (on the ability to impose);

– renouncing its own rules

– giving up your own income, success and respect

– giving up space and time.

Sadly, at some point of their life they’ll come to believe that they have no value. In order to feel good, they need confirmations from others. And that’s all obedience.


Girls are taught to play for the sake of the game, not to win. They are taught to be always polite and amiable. Girls are trained in the direction of harmony and educated to make peace in any situation.

A father urged his little daughter to give him a hand; she reacts with shyness; His commentary: “Come on, little beast.” A personal will is not required from girls. And whenever the little girl wants to impose her idea, the will to manifest her unwavering urge to move, she is considered bad, stubborn and unbearable.

On the other hand, the boys are being raised to impose their will from time to time. This way careless children are molded by tough men and sweet ladies.

Little girls are told it’s dangerous to play outdoors and not by accident many women live with the fear of leaving the protection and the sense of security that their home gives them. There is fear that the exterior attracts all sorts of dangers, especially when they had the intention of going out. It’s not appropriate for girls/ women, to stay at night in a café or to plan a backpack trip through Barcelona on their own.